Free PSN Code Generator 2020 – 100% Working

We’ve all tried our luck by scratching the backs of those scratch cards we were rewarded. And we remember how much fun it has always been. Now, we can easily relate these to PSN codes. PSN code generators are abbreviated as PlayStation code generators. As we all have ever known what PlayStation is, it wouldn’t be that hard to understand what PSN code generators are. PSN code generators are gift card promo codes that are valued by gamers of the console system, PlayStation.

PlayStation is one of the most popular products designed by Sony. Players require PSN scratch codes if they desire to unleash a myriad of content from the PlayStation Store. One could also say that gaming would be dismal without PSN codes. One can quickly get the PSN codes without any surveys or human verification from the PSN code generator.

A Brief Information About PSN Codes:

The third-party vendors legally purchase the PSN codes that are dished out to gamers. The fans or rather, players are notified before the display of the codes on social media sites. There is a list of free PSN codes too. After we get a scratch card, all we have to do is scratch the back of the scratch card to unveil the code on the reverse side of the card. A photo of the revealed PSN scratch code is then uploaded to the website. Now we know how it works. Let’s get into the details of PSN codes and PSN code generators to know more about them.

List of Free PSN codes:

In case you don’t know about the free PSN codes, you can check them out here. We hope you don’t get confused with the free ones and others after going through the list. Here are some of the free PSN codes. There are many, but we’ve provided some of them here.

  • 1VYZ-LUMO-5US3
  • Q2PP-T8NU-ZFP6
  • KN3H-KYPI-XL23
  • J4S7-8FSY-QOH7
  • UC1Z-8YUR-7S6Q
  • ZWE5-OLTU-IN22
  • QLGM-5SY5-35NR

Getting Free PSN Codes through GPT websites:

GPT websites abbreviated as ‘Get Paid To’ websites reward you with codes in return for performing some small tasks. Mostly, the jobs that they ask the users to perform include surveys, installation of apps or tasks related to social media such as subscribing to a YouTube channel or following an Instagram account.

We have checked all the websites mentioned below, and you can go through them one by one. After going through them, you can decide yourself which site do you want free PSN codes from and so on.

1. Freeps.Club

Anyone, any day would prefer opting for the free PSN codes, rather than having to pay for the same. We’re going to look out for ways to get them free here. First of all, you’re supposed to visit the website Enter your valid email id in the space provided for the same and click on continue. You can visit this website through your laptop, iPad or phone. If your email id happens to be valid, then a pop message displays “Account Connected”. When you scroll down, you’ll see a message that says, “YOUR PSN CODE IS READY…”. It gives you an option to select your code. Mostly, it doesn’t matter which code you choose there.

You can scroll through the drop-down list and randomly select one of them. Click on “GENERATE LAST 5 DIGITS”. The page then redirects you to the human verification part. Click on “VERIFY”, and all you have to do next is to install any two apps there. They will ask you to install any two apps out of three. After the installation, it’s necessary to stay on the websites for around a minute. To generate a PSN code, you can always wait for a few minutes. After doing this process, you can check your very own PSN scratch card on your email address. And there you go, you have your free PSN code with you. Go ahead and redeem this scratch card from any PSN store.

2. PS4 Chat

You can also visit this website by searching ‘ps4 chat’ in the search box of Google web page. Once you examine this, you have to click on the first website that pops up on the screen. After getting into the website, all you have to do is, scroll down the site until you find “Chat”. Now, click on this icon and a new page asking “How can we help?” will be displayed on the screen.

You have to then select “Sony Account help” out of all the given options there. Next, comes a page where you have to type in your first name, email id, and PSN online id. Once you’ve done all the formalities, then you can get a free PSN code. You can redeem this scratch card anywhere in the nearest PlayStation stores.

3. GiftCardz.Store

This is another website to help you out with getting free PSN codes. All you have to do is, visit their website and follow the steps. After you visit this website, you are supposed to scroll down to find “PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership”. Click on it, and you’ll be taken to a page where it’ll ask you for your email id. Enter your valid email id in the space provided. It also asks you to opt for either “PSN Giftcard” or “PlayStation Plus”. 

You are supposed to select the radio button which reads “PlayStation Plus” and click on continue. The website takes a while to check if the email address is a valid one. It will then ask you to install any two apps for the requirement of the human verification process to be complete. Once you install any two apps, you’re suddenly expected to run both of the apps for a minimum of 40 seconds. Check your email account and voila! Your very own PSN code is ready to be redeemed. You can redeem this PSN code in any of the nearest PlayStation stores.

4. PSNPlus.Live

Here comes another website to help you generate your own PSN code. Firstly, visit the website, as mentioned above. The site would then ask you to enter your valid email address. It will also ask you to choose your platform (for example: ‘PlayStation 4’. After selecting it, click on the proceed button. You have to wait for some time after this. Meanwhile, it’ll verify if your email address is a valid one or not. It’ll then ask you to do a small human verification process. 

Alongside this, you’ll be able to see your generated PSN code on the top. Just click on the ‘Verify’ Now’ button and install any two apps from the displayed list. Run the installed apps for a few seconds, and you are good to go. Check your email account, and there’s your result. An email is going to be sent to your email id displaying your very own PSN code. You can redeem the PSN scratch card in any of the nearest PlayStation stores.

5. PSNApp.Co

Here comes another way to get your very own PSN gift card or instead scratch card. You can use any device and earn free codes. After getting into the website, you’ll find a “PLAY” button at the bottom of the screen. Click on this button. You will see a pop-up box asking for your username. Enter your email id in the box provided for the same. After this, it will search for your account. This is done to ensure that your email id is a valid one or not. It will then let you click on “PLAY”, while also stating that you’re ready for the same. 

After this, all you will have to do is play a small game. It is then going to send the earned amount on the game to your email address. The website would let you undergo a short human verification process later. This is done to assure that the user trying to get a free PSN code is a human and not a bot. As we all very well know now, what we’re supposed to do next. We’re supposed to install any two apps from the given apps. Also, run those two apps for at least 30 seconds. Next, go to your account, refresh the page and hurray! We have successfully retrieved a free PSN code. Go ahead and redeem this PSN scratch card in your nearest stores.

6. GiftCard.Tools

Just visit this website on any active device; it can be your desktop or mobile phone. After getting into the website, you have to click on the icon at the topmost right corner of the screen. It will have options such as, ‘Google Play’, ‘Xbox’, ‘Roblox’, ‘PlayStation’, ‘Spotify’, ‘iTunes’, ‘PayPal’ and ‘Amazon’. Among these various options, you’re supposed to click on ‘PlayStation’. Next, the website asks you to choose the gift card value. You have to choose between $20, $50 and $100 options. Suppose, if you opt for the option of $100, you’ll have to then click on it. When you click on it, the website instantly starts connecting and then generating. 

The website then asks the user to complete the human verification process. Another site opens up in the next tab, asking you to register. You have to provide all the necessary details and click on “100% free, register”. Next, a page opens up displaying the survey rewards and then click “Continue” at the end of the page. Go back to the previous website where it reveals that the human verification process is complete. You then have to enter your 12 digit code to redeem your code. Next, it asks you for your confirmation, click on “Confirm”, and there you have your free PSN code already.

7. Gsagen.Com/PSN

For this, you have to visit the website on any active device of your choice. This is similar to the previous ones. As soon as you visit the site, click on the amount you want. It can be anything from the options $20, $50 and $100. Let’s suppose you’ve opted for a $100 gift card. The website then looks out for the available codes at a specific time. Once the site decides on a code, it starts generating it. Once all this is done, it shows “Success” at the bottom and asks you to verify. 

Click on “Verify Now” and complete your human verification process. For this process, all you have to do is install any three apps as we’d seen earlier. Run these apps, and you are good to go. You have to come back to the website, and since the human verification process is complete, you can proceed with the next step. In the next level, you are supposed to enter your 12-digit voucher code in the blank space provided. Next, click on “Continue” and then it would ask you if you would like to add funds. Next, just click on “Yes” and you are good to go. You are done with all the steps, and now you have a very own free PSN gift card.

Why do gamers require free PSN codes?

The game codes are not free in the PlayStation network. Hence, the players have to spend on the number of games they choose to play. Gamers sometimes get offers that are available in the PlayStation network. Although there are very few offers for the players, the suggestions would be for concession, and there is no such thing as ‘free’ in it. Therefore, gamers search online for free PSN codes. But the players have to be very careful while doing this, as many fake websites are providing the users with counterfeit systems. Many sites are hacker prone. 

Hence, the gamer has to look out for reliable sites and be more cautious. We would recommend our users to use online PSN code generating service rather than installing a code generator software tool on the device. To prevent a virus from entering the device, it would be a better idea to opt for an online code generating service. The online code generating service generates usable codes from their service end. Besides, if you want to get codes from the online generating facility, you would have to register to the site so that they can allow the access. These sites not just provide you with free PSN codes, but also have an option for the users to purchase cards.

Disadvantages of Using Free PSN Codes:

As we all very well know that there are many hackers around us, who are trying every second to track your information and misuse it. This is a severe problem to give a thought. We, carelessly enter websites that are more prone to such cases. Moreover, we don’t care much about what happens if a hacker hacks our account or system and get our valuable information. If something like that happens, then you’ll have to pay a higher price for everything. But it’s not your mistake anyways.

Tips For Getting Free PSN Codes:

We’re here to help you with some of these shams out there. Do not worry. Just sit back and follow our tips. First of all, when you visit a website, if it is not secure or secure enough to work on will be displayed on the first left corner. This bar is ‘View site information’ and shows what type of site you have just visited. If it shows a ‘lock’ icon, then it means the connection is secure. You can have a look at this yourself by clicking on that icon where it shows that the ‘Connection is secure’.

If you’ve visited a website and see a caution icon along with it written, ‘Not secure’, then you have to think twice about entering such sites. If you click on the bar, it will say that it’d be better if you do not share any sensitive information with the site. In such cases, you can go ahead use the site freely, but remember not to share any personal or valuable information there.

Next, comes the most dangerous one. If you’ve accidentally visited a website which says it is ‘Dangerous’, then you shouldn’t think even twice before lingering back to where you were. Do not enter such sites. You won’t be able to enter such sites, because Google stops you from doing so. If you still want to join, then you can, but it would be highly risky to do so. If you come across any such websites, then we would advise you not to go into the details of it. It would be better to stay out of the website.

A final word!

So, here we are, equipped with all the information we needed about PSN codes and PSN code generators. We hope you enjoyed reading this and we hope you learned something new out of this. Don’t worry or be saddened if you couldn’t get some more information regarding the same. Eventually, the mind is free to acquire knowledge from anywhere it wants to. We started with defining what PSN codes are, and then we went out to talk about free PSN codes. We learned about websites that reward you with free PSN codes and also, the dangers of using such sites. We’ve covered every possible thing we could in this article so that you don’t have to face any problem at all.